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Chapter TWO quotes

In which Grace follows Tom's plan and embarks upon physical labour
This first day of spring had also been picked to be Grace's first ever day of work. The day in which she was to set off around Dogville and offer herself one hour per household per day.

A cleanin' lady for a cleanin' lady? You be talkin' nonsense, Mister Ben! Olivia

Grace turned into the alley which went by the exotic name, Glunen Street to knock on the door of the blind — but only too vain — man.

Grace's interview with Jack McKay proved sadly symptomatic of the attitude in Dogville. Reserved but friendly, not without curiosity. Only Jack had expressed his "no" concisely and precisely: Martha needed a monologue almost an hour long to arrive at the same conclusion.

Grace had ended up next to Ma Ginger's gooseberry bushes, in a mood that was not particularly good.

Nobody want's me to work for them. I would really like to offer something in return. You're all running a terrible risk having me here. I mean, I am willing to learn. Grace

I went to Mr. McKay. I went to Martha and to Chuck and Vera's, and nobody seems to need any help. They all think everyone else needs something, and not themselves. Grace

Perhaps there's something you don't need done? Tom

Something...something that you would like done, but that you don't think is necessary. Grace

I'll happily mind Achilles if Vera will let me. But if he doesn't like me he doesn't like me. Grace

They are good kids. And I love them. Please don't say such nice things about the kids. I cry too easily. Both in sorrow and in joy. Vera

Oh, don't be ashamed, Ben. We all have the right to make the most of our lives. 'm sure that those ladies in those houses they bring a lot of joy to a lot of men. Grace

If you want my Ma to like you, and let you stay. You'll just have to be nice to me. Jason

I wasn't trying to fool anyone. Grace

This town is rotten from the inside out and I wouldn't miss it, if it fell into the gorge tomorrow. I see no charm here, but you seem to. Admit it you've fallen for Dogville. The trees, the mountains, the simple folk. And if all that ain't got you fooled yet, I bet the cinnamon has. That damned cinnamon in those gooseberry pies. Dogville has everything that you ever dreamed of in the big city. Chuck

I found out that people are the same all over. Greedy as animals. In a small town they're just a bit less successful. Feed 'em enough they'll eat till their bellies burst. Chuck

That's why you wanted to get rid of me...because you can't stand that I remind you of what it was you came here to find. Grace

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