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Chapter FIVE quotes

Fourth of July after all
Today was a day for celebration. Nobody was to worry about the hard times. And Grace could stop at Ma Gingers window quite content: to ascertain that only two of the little china figurines remained, and were thus the only two she had not yet been able to save up enough to purchase.

I think I've done a pretty good analysis of the folks in this town and I think I understand them in a meaningful way. But when I come to decipher you, I get absolutely nowhere. You know Liz. Liz is easy to read. And there was some attraction between us, but as I can see right through her, intellectually I mean, I can see right through her, my desire is purely of a physical nature. But with you, it's more... it's more complicated. Tom

Grace: Are you trying to say that you're in love with me?
Tom: No I wouldn't... love is...It's not... It's a big word... yeah. Yeah.
Grace: That's good, because I think that I am in love with you, too.

This year I didn't bring any notes with me. Because I'm not gonna pretend, I can read them. Which brings me to a point. A point I wanna make. And that point is you Grace. Yes. You have made Dogville a wonderful place to live in. As a matter of fact, somebody tells me they ran into grumpy old Chuck down the street and he was actually smiling. Well, I've never seen your smile, Grace, but I will bet you I could describe it. Because it obviously has every color that's refracted from the shiniest prism in the world. You probably have a face to match that. Does she have a face to match that, Tom? Jack McKay

We are proud to have you among us. And we thank you for showing us who you are. Here's to you, Grace. Stay with us as long as you damn please. Jack McKay

Grace was the same and so was the town. That the gangsters had fixed to have charges made against Grace in their efforts to neutralize her came as no surprise. But everything had changed a little yet again.

Well, they couldn't really argue that anything had changed. But by not telling the police they felt they were committing a crime themselves. Tom

I think I should leave. Grace

Tom: From a business perspective, from a business perspective, your presence in Dogville has become more costly. Because it's more dangerous for them to have you here — not that they don't want you — since they feel there should be some counterbalance, some quid pro quo.
Grace: That sounds like words that the gangsters would use...
Tom: There is also more of an incentive if you don't wanna stay. See, with all those wanted posters hanging around the place, I can hardly think of anywhere else you could hide.

I'm willing to do whatever it takes. If I have to work harder, longer hours for less pay. Then I'm willing to do that, of course I am. I just wanna be sure that they wouldn't prefer that I left town. Grace

I have to get some sleep. My days are gonna be much busier now. Grace

I hate it for you to see me like this. I can't bare that I'm doubting you. I'm sorry. Goodnight. Grace

Everybody was really against any changes to Grace's working conditions at all when the subject occasionally came up in conversation. Oh, Ben had declared in sympathy that he wouldn't accept any more work than before, and Grace was grateful for that, even if he was a bit drunk when he said so. Busy minutes became busy hours and busy hours became busy days, and irrespective of whether they thought the idea of increasing Grace's services had any fairness and justification to it or not, it didn't seem to make anyone any happier. More to the contrary.

Vera wants me to picking apples from trees that are barely in the ground. Things take time. That's love, seeing what they need and respecting those needs. If anyone understands that, it's you. At least I thought so. Chuck

Grace: Don't be upset. I'm sorry if I doubted you. It won't happen again. I promise you.
Chuck: I wouldn't make that promise if I was you. When you fended me off, a thought came into my mind that made me ashamed. A thought that you would hate me for.

You've really been alone up here, haven't you? You haven't had anyone to comfort you and I should ask you for forgiveness... Still friends? Grace

I was just resting. Awful lot to do here in Dogville, considering nobody needs anything done. Jason wants to sit on my lap all the time. Grace

Grace: You can see through it all, can't you. I'll tell you, I'm gonna be asleep in two minutes.
Tom: What if I don't want you to go to sleep?
Grace: I don't think you have a choice tonight.

Tom: I do love you, Grace.
Grace: I'm glad you love me. I love you, too. I really do.

We have our whole lives ahead of us. The thing that I love about you is that you don't demand anything of me. That we can just be together. Grace

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