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Jerry: I'm, uh, Jerry Lundegaard.
Carl: You're Jerry Lundegaard?
Jerry: Yah, Shep Proudfoot said--
Carl: Shep said you'd be here at 7:30. What gives, man?
Jerry: Shep said 8:30.
Carl: We been sitting here an hour. He's peed three times already.
Jerry: I'm terribly sorry. Shep told me 8:30. It was a mix-up, I guess.
Carl: You got the car?
Jerry: Yeah, you bet. It's in the lot there. Brand-new burnt umber Ciera.
Carl: Yeah, okay. Well, sit down then. I'm Carl Showalter and this is my associate Gaear Grimsrud.
Jerry: Yeah, how ya doin'? So, we all set on this thing, then?
Carl: Sure, Jerry, we're all set. Why wouldn't we be?
Jerry: Yeah, no, I'm sure you are. Shep vouched for you and all. I got every confidence in you fellas. So I guess that's it, then. Here are the keys--
Carl: No, that's not it, Jerry.
Jerry: Huh?
Carl: The new vehicle, plus forty thousand dollars.
Jerry: Yeah, but the deal was, the car first, see, then the forty thousand, like as if it was the ransom. I thought Shep told ya--
Carl: Shep didn't tell us much, Jerry.
Jerry: Well, okay--
Carl: Except that you were gonna be here at 7:30.
Jerry: Yeah, well, that was a mix-up, then.
Carl: Yeah, you already said that.
Jerry: Yeah. But it's not a whole pay-in-advance deal. I give you a brand-new vehicle in advance and--
Carl: I'm not gonna debate you, Jerry.
Jerry: Okay.
Carl: I'm not gonna sit here and debate. I will say this though: what Shep told us didn't make a whole lot of sense.
Jerry: Oh, no, it's real sound. It's all worked out.
Carl: You want your own wife kidnapped?
Jerry: Yeah.
Carl: You--my point is, you pay the ransom what eighty thousand bucks? I mean, you give us half the ransom, forty thousand, you keep half. It's like robbing Peter to play Paul, it doesn't make any sense.
Jerry: Okay, see, it's not me payin' the ransom. The thing is, my wife, she's wealthy. Her dad, he's real well off. Now, I'm in a bit of trouble--
Carl: What kind of trouble are you in, Jerry?
Jerry: Well, that's, that's, I'm not go into, into--see, I just need money. Now, her dad's real wealthy--
Carl: So why don't you just ask him for the money?
Grimsrud: Or your ****ing wife, you know.
Carl: Or your ****ing wife, Jerry.
Jerry: Well, it's all just part of this--They don't know I need it, see. Okay, so there's that. And even if they did, I wouldn't get it. So there's that on top, then. See, these're personal matters.
Carl: Personal matters?
Jerry: Yeah. Personal matters that needn't, uh--
Carl: Okay, Jerry. You're tasking us to perform this mission, but you, you won't, uh, you won't. Aw, **** it, let's take a look at that Ciera.
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