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Guinevere quotes

He tortured me. With machines. He made me tell him things I didn’t know to begin with. And then, I heard your voice in the dark. I’m Guinevere. You’re Arthur, of the knights from the great Wall.

The famous Briton who kills his own people.

My father told me great tales of you.

Fairy tales. The kind you hear of people so brave, so selfless that they can't be real. Arthur and his knights. A leader both Britain and Roman. And yet you chose your allegiance to Rome. To those that take what does not belong to them. That same Rome that took your men from their homeland.

How many Britons have you killed?

Animals live. It's the natural state of any man to want to live free, in their own country. I belong to this land. Where do you belong, Arthur?

I’ll live, I promise you. Is there nothing about my land that appeals to your heart? Your own father married a Briton. Even he must have found something to his liking.

'Tis a beautiful country is it not?

And where do you come from that compares? The Black Sea? This is heaven for me.

What is it like, your home?

Some people would call that freedom. That's what we fight for - our land, our people. The right to choose our own destiny.So you see Lancelot, we are much alike, you and I.. And when you return home, will you take a wife, have sons?

No family. No Religion. Do you believe in anything at all?

He means you no harm

If you were so determined to leave us to slaughter, why did you save so many?

Don't worry, I won't let them rape you.

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