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Bishop quotes

Arthur! Arthur Castus. Your father’s image. I haven’t seen you since childhood.

Ancient tricks, for an ancient dog. And these are the brave Sarmatian knights we have heard so much of in Rome. I thought the Woads control the north of Hadrian’s Wall.

I have no doubt, commander. No doubt...

I was given to understand that there would be more of you.

Of course. Arthur and his knights have served with courage to maintain the honor of Rome’s empire on this last outpost of our glory. Rome is most indebted. To you, noble knights, your final days as servants to the Empire.

The Pope’s taken a personal interest in you. He inquires after each of you, and is curious to know if your knights have converted to the word of Our Savior or...-

For our part, the church has deemed such beliefs innocence. But you, Arthur. Your path to God is through Pelagius? I saw his image in your room.

Ah- Rome awaits your arrival with great anticipation! You are a hero. In Rome, you will live out your days in honor. And wealth.

Alas. (sighs) Alas, we are all but players in an ever-changing world. Barbarians from every corner are almost at Rome’s door.

Because of this, Rome, and the Holy Father, has decided to remove ourselves from indefensible outposts, such as Britain.

What will become of Britain is not our concern anymore. I suppose the Saxons will claim it soon.

Yes. In the north, a massive Saxon incursion has begun.

Gentlemen. Your discharge papers with safe conduct throughout the Roman Empire. But first, I must have a word with your commander In private.

You are to travel north to rescue the family of Marius Honorius and return in particular with Marius’ son, Alecto. Alecto is the Pope’s favorite godchild and pupil. It is his destiny to become a Bishop. Perhaps even Pope, one day.

If your men truly are the knights of legend, perhaps some will survive. If it is God’s will. Your men want to go home. And to get home, they need to cross the entire breadth of the Roman Empire. Deserters would be hunted down like dogs. Will you defy the Pope, Arthur? Rome? God Himself?

Would you leave a defenseless Roman boy, destined to lead our Church, at the hands of the Saxons!? Fulfill this mission, and your men will receive their discharge. Their papers will be waiting here the moment they return. You have my word.

To represent the holy court, my trusted secretary, Horton... (looks around for Horton. Scrawny Bishop's Aide walks in)... Horton? ... will accompany you with your quest.

Godspeed, as you fulfill your duty to Rome.

Then get them home.

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