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Multiple Characters quotes

Woad Warrior (In native language) Spill my blood with Excalibur and... (lifting neck) make this ground holy.

Vanora(slaps Bors) Where’ve you been? I’ve been waiting for you!

Vanora Who wants another drink?

Vanora (slaps Lancelot) (through gritted teeth) My lover is watching you.

Vanora I'm trying to work

Vanora (singing)Land of bear and land of eagle
Land that gave us birth and blessing
Land that called us ever homewards
We will go home across the mountains
We will go home
We will go home
We will go home across the mountains
We will go home, singing our song
We will go home...
Hear our singing
Hear our longing
We will go home across the mountain
We will go home
We will go home...

Saxon Soldier According to our laws, no man can deny me the spoils of our conquest.

Woad No! He is our enemy! So is the Saxon!

Villager Are you from Rome?

Monk You cannot go in there. No one goes in there. This place is forbidden.

MonkWho are these defilers of the Lord’s temple?

Monk There was a man of God.

Monk I was willing to die with them. Yes, to lead them to their rightful place. It is God’s wish that these sinners be sacrificed. Only then can their souls be saved.

Monk Don’t you see it is the will of God these sinners be sacrificed! These sinners! These sinners!

Monk God’s holy work has been defiled- I am a servant of God-!

Saxon Soldier He says they walled him up in a building and took the family. Someone who goes by the name of Artorius.

Fulcinia No, don't! Let him go!

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