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'Preacher' Harry Powell quotes

Well now, what's it to be Lord? Another widow? How many has it been? Six? Twelve? I disremember. [He tips his hat] You say the word, Lord, I'm on my way...You always send me money to go forth and preach your Word. The widow with a little wad of bills hid away in a sugar bowl. Lord, I am tired. Sometimes I wonder if you really understand. Not that You mind the killin's. Your Book is full of killin's. But there are things you do hate Lord: perfume-smellin' things, lacy things, things with curly hair.

There are too many of them. Can't kill the world.

The Lord blinded mine enemies when they brought me in this evil place...I come not with peace, but with a sword...This sword has served me through many an evil time.

Lord, you sure knowed what You was doin' when You put me in this very cell at this very time. A man with $10,000 hid somewhere and a widow in the makin'.

Ah, little lad, you're starin' at my fingers. Would you like me to tell you the little story of Right Hand-Left Hand - the story of good and evil? [He raises his left hand] H-A-T-E! It was with this left hand that old brother Cain struck the blow that laid his brother low. [He raises his right hand] L-O-V-E. You see these fingers, dear hearts? These fingers has veins that run straight to the soul of man. The right hand, friends! The hand of love! Now watch and I'll show you the story of life. These fingers, dear hearts, is always a-warrin' and a-tuggin', one agin the other. Now, watch 'em. Ol' brother Left Hand. Left hand, he's a-fightin'. And it looks like LOVE's a goner. But wait a minute, wait a minute! Hot dog! LOVE's a winnin'? Yes, siree. It's LOVE that won, and ol' Left Hand HATE is down for the count!

[to the Spoons about Willa, after saying she ran off] It's my shame. It's my crown of thorns. I must wear it bravely...She'll not be back. I reckon I'm safe in promising you that. I tried to save her...But the devil wins sometimes. Can't nobody say I didn't do my best to save her.

Chilld - ren. Chilld - ren?

I can hear you whisperin', children, so I know you're down there. I can feel myself gettin' awful mad. I'm out of patience, children. I'm coming to find you now.

[to Pearl] No, no. No little lamb. Don't touch it. Now, don't touch my knife. That makes me mad. That makes me very, very mad. Now just tell me, where's the money hid? [banging his hand on the table] John doesn't matter! Can't I get that through your head, you poor silly, disgusting little wretch! [Pearl begins to cry] There now, you made me lose my temper. I'm sorry. I'm real sorry. Now just tell me, where's it hid, honey?

[singing] Leaning, leaning!
Safe and secure from all alarms!
Leaning, leaning!
Leaning on the everlasting arms!

Oh, them poor little lambs. To think I never hoped to see them again in this world. No, dear Madam, if you was to know what a crown of thorns I've borne in my search for them stray chicks.

Once upon a time there was a pretty fly, he had a wife this pretty fly but one day she flew away, flew away. She had two pretty children, but one night those pretty children flew away into the sky, into the moon.

[after Rachel pulls a shotgun on him] All right, but you haven't heard the last of Harry Powell yet. The Lord God Jehovah will guide my hand in vengeance. Devil! You whores of Babylon! I'll be back, when it's dark.

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