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Girard quotes

[As D'Artagnan is about to be beheaded] D'Artagnan! Don't lose your head!

[to D'Artagnan] You, a Musketeer? Fantasy!

Girard: My brothers will avenge me...
D'Artagnan: [as Gerard's three brothers arrive on horseback] Already?

Girard: D'Artagnan! My sisters honor will not wait a moment longer!
D'Artagnan: [to Athos, Porthos, Aramis] I'll handle this.
Aramis: D'Artagnan, we also protect each other.
[Camera shifts to Girard as a look of sheer terror spreads across his face] Girard: RUN!
[Girard and his brothers are chased of screen by 40 musketeers]

Porthos: This sash was a gift to me from the Queen of America.
D'Artagnan: There's no Queen of America
Porthos: I beg to differ, infant, we're on quite intimate terms unless you can prove otherwise.
D'Artagnan: [drawing his sword] Here's my proof!
Porthos: Oh I see, it's twit of the month, come to challenge the mighty Porthos.

Aramis: You're married?!?
Woman: Yes, I'm married.
Aramis: We must pray for our sins. [husband bursts in and shoots at Aramis] On second thought, God is often busy.

[Porthos descends on a chandelier and takes out most of Rochefort's men]
Porthos: Did I miss anyone?
Aramis: Congratulations Porthos, you've brought down the house.
Porthos: Oh, drat, I was trying to hit Rochefort.

Aramis: [to Porthos] Only the wrong words are a complete waste of time. The right words can leave a more lasting impression than a thousand of Porthos' kisses.
Barmaid: Not likely.
Aramis: Shall I demonstrate? [to barmaid] As morning hues of sunswept fire caress your passioned face, alone with thee a pure desire to worship untold grace. My soul would cry in silent prayer to an hour swept apart. Your essence warms the evening air as I dance into your heart. [kisses Barmaid's hand]
D'Artagnan: Shakespeare.
Aramis: Aramis.
Porthos: Cheating.
Barmaid: It was beautiful.
Aramis: Oh, thank you.
[Barmaid gets up and kisses Aramis]

Milady: I don't believe you've suffered the burden of chastity.
Cardinal Richelieu: Perhaps you're right.
[pulls back her cloak and moves to embrace her, Milady pulls out a dagger and holds it to his stomach]
Milady: I was making an observation, not an offer.
Cardinal Richelieu: A word of caution, Milady, a snap of my fingers, and you could be back on the block where I found you!
Milady: And with a flick of my wrist, [inches the blade closer] I could change your religion.

Cardinal Richelieu: Tell me D'Artanan, what noble business brings you here?
D'Artagnan: I came to join the King's Musketeers.
Cardinal Richelieu: Bad timing.
D'Artagnan: So I've heard.

Porthos: Athos, you cannot fight this boy.
Athos: Why not?
Porthos: I'm fighting him.
D'Artagnan: Not until one o'clock.
Aramis: I have a duel with him, too.
D'Artagnan: Not until two o'clock.

D'Artagnan: [after Athos removes his cloak] You're a Musketeer? [Porthos and Aramis remove their cloaks] You're all Musketeers?
Athos: You choose your opponents well, or should I say foolishly.
D'Artagnan: I've been looking all over for you.
Athos: And now you've found us. We have some business to attend to, unless of course you'd like to make it for a later date.
D'Artagnan: No, I'm a man of honor. But believe me when I say that killing you will bring me no pleasure. [to Porthos and Aramis] I'll be with you gentlemen in a moment.
Porthos: Ooh, he's a feisty little fellow.
Aramis: Feisty indeed.

Athos: Only a fool would try and arrest us twice in one day.
Guard: You're under arrest.
Aramis & Porthos: A fool.

Guard: Are you coming peacefully, or do you intend to resist?
Porthos: Oh, don't be so stupid, of course we intend to resist! Just give us a moment, alright?
Porthos: Five of them, three of us, hardly seems fair.
Aramis: Maybe we should give them a chance to surrender.
D'Artagnan: Excuse me, but there's four of us.
Athos: It's not your fight, your not a Musketeer.
D'Artagnan: I may not wear the tunic, but I believe I have the heart of a Musketeer.
Porthos: Warrior.
Aramis: Poet.
Athos: You got a name boy?
D'Artagnan: D'Artagnan
Athos: Athos, Porthos and Aramis.
Porthos: Hello
D'Artagnan: Nice to meet you.
Aramis: Pleasure.
Porthos: Everyone acquainted? [All draw their swords and turn to face the cardinal's guards] NOW we are prepared to resist you.

D'Artagnan: I'll be there.
Aramis: As will I.

Porthos:[Appears from a hole in the roof of the carriage with a glass bottle] Champagne?
Athos:We're in the middle of a chase, Porthos!
Porthos:You're right! Something red! [Porthos ducks back into the carriage and Athos laughs. A moment later Porthos reappears with a different bottle] For a chase, the Cardinal recommends his excellent '24 Cabnernet. [To D'Artagnan] You can't have any, you're too young.

Cardinal Richelieu: Give my regards to the headsman and your father.
D'Artagnan: WAIT!
Cardinal Richelieu: You object to losing your head?
D'Artagnan: Yes, I like it where it is!
Cardinal Richelieu: Then tell me what I want to know, and maybe you will keep it a while longer.
D'Artagnan: I don't know where they are.
Cardinal Richelieu: And if you did?
D'Artagnan: I wouldn't tell you...
Cardinal Richelieu: I admire your courage, D'Artagnan. You might have made a great musketeer. But now we'll never know - will we?

Sailors:[As Porthos jumps on the boat] Porthos the Pirate?! Aaah! [Jump into the ocean]
Porthos:I told you I was famous.

Cardinal Richelieu: You of all people should know that the Cardinal does not answer to the laws of men.
Aramis: Then you'll answer to God.
Cardinal Richelieu: [shoots Aramis] You first.

Rochefort: How pathetic, killed by the same man that killed his father.
D'Artagnan: You killed my father?!?
Rochefort: Oh, yes. As I will you.

D'Artagnan: So what do we do now? What's next?
Porthos: Well, we protect the King.
Aramis: Protect the Queen.
Porthos: In the name of God. And France, correct?
Aramis: France indeed.

King Louis: Your Eminence, I demand an answer.
Cardinal Richilieu: Perhaps if I knew the question...
King Louis: I've just learned that you've disbanded my Musketeers.
Cardinal Richilieu: You... approved the decision.
King Louis: But not the timing. I intended to address the men myself and explain the situation. These men are not just my personal guards, they are my friends.
Cardinal Richilieu: [smiling] A thousand apologies, your majesty.

King Louis: You have failed
Cardinal Richelieu: [laughs] You are so naive. But things couldn't have gone more perfectly if I'd planned them myself. The King of France dies at the hands of his own personal guards! [heads to throne dais] Grief-stricken, terrified, the huddled masses turn for comfort to their devout spiritual leader. [hands together in prayer, then sits on the throne] Who, ever so humbly, assumes the throne...with a queen by his side.
Queen Anne: I would rather die.
Cardinal Richelieu: [kicks stool and stands up] That can BE ARRANGED!

Cardinal Richilieu: The Duke of Buckingham plans to invade La Rochelle within the month. I thought it best... to act quickly.
King Louis: I will be the judge of what is best! For me, and for France!

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